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Our goal is for kids to find and follow Jesus at an early age.  Also, we want it to be easy to bring your kids to church, so we bring the fun every Sunday at 10:15AM!


We have environments that are clean, fun, safe, and we make sure to always teach the Bible.  This means we make sure every environment has been properly sanitized before your kids enter. Also, there are age appropriate activities in every room.  We ensure every volunteer has been properly vetted, and our check in and check out processes are quick and consistent. Last, but certainly not least, we teach kids the Bible every week in ways they can understand, using methods that are age appropriate and memorable! 


If you're planning your first visit to Harvest, we're so glad you'll be joining us! We want to help you and your children get connected.

For the best possible experience, you can register your child now and skip the paperwork on Sunday.  Click here and pre-register for Sunday. 

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